Scan-speak D2904/9800.00

Scan-speak Revelator
Scan-speak D2904/9800.00
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The Revelator series has for years been celebrated for producing the best sounding electro dynamic transducers in the world. Since ScanSpeak was founded in 1970, the audio engineers and R&D experts working on the line have been on a quest to create drivers that reveal all the sound in recordings, hiding nothing from the listener. This quest has resulted in several revolutionary inventions that remove distortion in the magnet systems and in the moving parts of the speaker. The philosophy is that the sound has to be very dynamic, giving a perfect transient response and providing tonal balance. In the Revelator tweeters, additional enhancements have been made to reduce distortion and power compression, and to optimize airflow in the chambers, producing several unique tweeter designs.

Driver Highlights: 1" aluminium dome, SD-2 motor, low compression design, non resonant chamber



Electrical Data


  • Nominal Impedance
Zn 4 ohm
  • DC Resistance
Re 3.5 ohm
  • Voice Coil Inductance
0.01 mH

TS Parameters

  • Resonance Frequency
Fs 500 Hz
  • Force Factor
Bl 2.8 Tm
  • Moving Mass
Mms 0.5 g
  • Effective Piston Area
Sd 8.5 cm^2
  • Sensitivity
2.83V/1m 90 dB

Power Handling

  • 100h RMS noise test
IEC 160 W

Voice Coil and Magnet Parameters

  • Voice Coil Diameter
28 mm
  • Linear Excursion +/-
0.1 mm
  • Max mech. excursion +/-

1.5 mm





Drawing Dimensions

  • Outside Diameter
OD 104.5 mm
  • Magnet Diameter
MD 73.5 mm
  • Interior Depth
ID 42.8 mm
  • Hole Diameter
HD 5 mm
  • Screw Circle Diameter
SD 90 mm

Units in box: 65537