Seas H1283-06 22TAF/G

Seas H1283-06 22TAF/G
Seas H1283-06 22TAF/G
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22TAF/G is a High Definition metal dome tweeter with wide, coated fabric surround
and combine the high frequency behaviour of a 3/4 dome with the low frequency
characteristics of a 1'' dome.

Aluminium/magnesium dome for low mass and high rigidity and stability. Protected
by an acoustically open Hexagrid.

Precoated Sonomex surround gives low resonance frequency, high consistency and
excellent stability against variations in air humidity.

Voice coil windings immersed in magnetic fluid increase short term power handling
capacity and reduce the compression at high power levels.

The chassis is moulded from a stiff and stable glass fibre reinforced polymer
material, and its front design offers optimum radiation conditions.

Large ferrite magnet gives high efficiency.



Electrical Data

  • Nominal Impedance
Zn 8 ohm
  • Voice Coil Resistance
Re 4.9 ohm
  • Voice Coil Inductance
Le 0.05 mH

TS Parameters

  • Free Air Resonance
fs 1100 Hz
  • Force Factor
Bl 3.3 N/A
  • Moving Mass
Mms 0.23 g
  • Effective Piston Area
sd 5.9 cm^2
  • Sensitivity
2.83V/1m 92 dB

Power Handling

  • Long-term Power handling
IEC 268-5 80 W
  • Short-term Power handling
EC 268-5 180 W

Voice Coil and Magnet Parameters

  • Voice Coil Diameter
19.5 mm
  • Voice Coil Height
1.5 mm
  • Height of the Gap
2.0 mm
  • Linear coil Travel (p-p)
0.5 mm
  • Magnetic Gap Flux Density
2.0 T
  • Weight of Magnet
0.25 kg
  • Total Weight
0.5 Kg


  • Recommended Frequency Range
2500 - 30000 Hz



Mechanical Dimensions Mechanical Dimensions

Units in box: 65537