Seas T25CF001

Seas T25CF001
Seas T25CF001
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The T25CF001 is a 25mm fabric dome with moderately high efficiency.
An optimally shaped dome and a wide SONOMEX surround, both manufactured by
SEAS, ensure excellent performance and consistency.

Low viscosity magnetic fluid which provides excellent cooling while maintaining a low resonance frequency.

6 mm solid metal front plate with a slight loading characteristic which ensures
linear frequency response, and a stiff and stable connection to the cabinet.

A substantial injection-moulded rear chamber, with complex internal shape and
reinforcing ribs, which eliminate unwanted chamber resonances and reflections.

A double magnet system which increases sensitivity and provides better control of the voice coil.

This system also reduces the magnetic stray fields, making the T25CF001 an ideal choice in high end A/V applications.


Electrical Data

  • Nominal Impedance
Zn 6 ohm
  • Voice Coil Resistance
Re 4.6 ohm
  • Voice Coil Inductance
Le 0.05 mH

TS Parameters

  • Free Air Resonance
fs 700 Hz
  • Force Factor
Bl 3.5 N/A
  • Moving Mass
Mms 0.33 g
  • Effective Piston Area
sd 7 cm^2
  • Sensitivity
2.83V/1m 91 dB

Power Handling

  • Long-term Power handling
IEC 268-5 90 W
  • Short-term Power handling
EC 268-5 200 W

Voice Coil and Magnet Parameters

  • Voice Coil Diameter
26 mm
  • Voice Coil Height
1.5 mm
  • Height of the Gap
2.0 mm
  • Linear coil Travel (p-p)
0.5 mm
  • Magnetic Gap Flux Density
1.8 T
  • Weight of Magnet
0.34 Kg
  • Total Weight
0.80 Kg


  • Recommended Frequency Range
2000 -25000 Hz



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