Vifa XT-300

Vifa XT-300
Vifa XT-300
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The Vifa product line is Tymphanys High End brand coming out of the world-class China factory. The line takes some of its characteristics from Tymphanys ScanSpeak line, but is more cost effective. Sound quality is more important than measurements. The high clarity and clean transient response that ScanSpeak is known for is also evident in these products.

The goal for this tweeter series was to create a transducer that has a frequency response that is flat to above 20K, and where the distortion is far lower than normal and more friendly to the ear. The tweeters represent a unique approach to tweeter design that has resulted in unrivaled performance, as well as in several patents (Dual Ring Radiator diaphragm, wave-guide center plug). Driver Highlights: 3/4" tweeter, Dual Ring Radiator diaphragm (Patent), Wave-guide center plug (Patent), copper-clad aluwire





Electrical Data

  • Nominal Impedance
Zn 4 ohm
  • Maximum Impedance
Zo 19 ohm
  • DC Resistance
Re 2.9 ohm

TS Parameters

  • Resonance Frequency
Fs 530 Hz
  • Force Factor
Bl 2.5 Tm
  • Mechanical; resistance
Rms 0,38 Kg/s
  • Moving Mass
Mms 0.3 g
  • Effective Piston Area
Sd 5.4 cm^2
  • Sensitivity
2.83V/1m 91.1 dB

Power Handling

  • Long Term Max Power
(IEC 18.3) 80 Watt
  • Short Term Max Power
(IEC 18.2) 120 Watt

Voice Coil and Magnet Parameters

  • Voice Coil diameter
26 mm
  • Voice Coil height
2.2 mm
  • Height of the Gap
2,5 mm

Frequency & Impedance

Mechanical Dimensions

Mechanical Dimensions

Drawing Dimensions

  • Outside Diameter
104 mm
  • Flange Thickness
4,2 mm
  • Cutout Diameter
74 mm
  • Interior Depth
41 mm
  • Hole Diameter
4 mm
  • Screw Circle Diameter
92 mm
Units in box: 65537