Vifa PL18WO-09-08

Vifa PL18WO-09-08 6½" midwoofer magnesium chassis coated paper cone NR rubber surround
Vifa PL18WO-09-08
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Electrical Data
Nominal Impedance Zn 8 ohm
Maximum Impedance Zo 43 ohm
DC Resistance Re 5.8 ohm
Voice Coil Inductance Le 0.85 mH
TS Parameters
Resonance Frequency fs 38 Hz
Mechanical Q factor QMS 2.46
Electrical Q factor QES 0.4
Total Q factor Qts 0.34
Ratio fs/Qts F 112
Force Factor Bl 7.8 Tm
Mechanical Resistance Rms 1.75 Kg/s
Moving Mass Mms 17.5 g
Suspension Compliance Cms 1.02 mm/N
Effective Piston Area sd 132 cm^2
Equivalent Volume Vas 25 ltrs
Sensitivity 2.83V/1m 87 dB
Ratio BL/v Re 3.24
Power Handling
Long-term Max Power IEC 18.3 300 W
Short Term Max power IEC 18.2 400 ohm
Voice Coil and Magnet Parameters
Voice Coil Diameter 40 mm
Voice Coil Height 14 mm
Height of the Gap 6 mm
Weight of Magnet 0.7 Kg


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